Quality Assurance

HIRST Resources Ltd is dedicated to offer you best services in the field of facility Management. We have a checklist system and procedures that ensures the quality and efficiency of our services. We do this by continuous audit, review and improvement of our processes and systems by ensuring that what we do is measurable. Quality in our business processes is measured through quality indicators.

We do our business honestly and fairly treat our customers, employees and shareholders with equal respect. Professionalism is achieved through integrity. We abide by the law of the land and honor all commitments made to our customers.  We maintain, at all our locations, highest standards of safety, comfort and communications to provide a motivating environment for our customers.

We Assure 100 % legal compliances. Continuous Training & Development for staff.

Our facilities service projects are modeled after highly successful programs and include the following:

Meeting & Exceeding Customer’s Expectations

Meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations is our focus.   Understanding and delivery of customer’s goal is our upmost priority.  Therefore, we fully integrate the customer’s objectives in our workflow from the start of every project. We are continuously improving our services to provide best value to client. Our competitive advantage lies in culture of “Can Do attitude and excellent service” whilst explore innovation and ensures on-time delivery. HIRST Resources Ltd provides one of the world best client services by attracting and hiring the industry experts and maintaining service excellence in everything we do.