Founded in 2013,

Hirst Resources Ltd commenced operations as a specialist engineering, procurement, and project management contractor (EPCM).  We have provided service within the solar and energy storage industry and served Commercial and Industrial (C&I) property sector by providing tailored solar and storage energy solutions ranging between 100Kw and 1MW in size.

Today, Hirst is a total energy solutions company providing World-class services to meet the growing demand of the power sector in Nigeria. It focuses on EPC solutions in Transmission and Distribution, Metering and Energy Audit and Turnkey solutions in Conventional & Non-Conventional Power Generation.

Our engineered solutions encompass world-leading products and engineering methodologies while incorporating our set of value-based principles to ensure that your system is built to last and matches your expectations.  At Hirst, Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction are the core of our business.

Our Vision

To be a renowned and most referred name in the renewable energy and power sector in Nigeria.

Our Mission

We are poised to bridge the gap in the energy sector by efficiently, safely, and sustainably providing services that expand, rehabilitate, and innovate the power/electricity generation, transmission, and distribution needs in Nigeria.

Our Core Values (AIPT)


We want to improve the quality of life on our planet, offering solutions to the challenges of climate change and to the growing need for clean energy. At the same time, we are taking on the responsibility of bringing electricity responsibly and closing the gap on those who lack access to power.


At Hirst, we drive innovation to make sure the best and most creative ideas do not remain on the drawing board, but rather have affected and contributed to improving people’s lives.


To make our vision happen, we need creative people from a broad range of backgrounds, who can think out of the box, who like asking questions and who see challenges as opportunities.


Hirst’s work is based on transparency: in the power plants, the distribution grids, the offices and stores where we meet our customers. Our success is founded in the trust we build every day with our communities and people all over the world.

Reach us on:

+234 906-000-0495


8th Floor Ibukun House
Plot 1637 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

HIRST Resources Ltd’s portfolio is diverse as we have interests in various sectors of the Nigerian economy ranging from Facility Management to Project Management and Consultancy, Oil and gas, Procurement and Construction (EPC).